Yellow Orchids

These are my yellow orchids that bloom every spring. I had taken some really nice photographs of them, but this time I wanted to paint them.  Here is the progression of this watercolor painting.

First started with the sketch and painted white mask on the white areas.

Color wash – Wet the paper and applied color

I let it dry and removed the mask. Then started painting the flowers in.

Continued with the flowers. At this point I thought that this painting was not going to turn out good.

Then I did the negative painting (the background) and I thought, Wow! The flowers started to really stand out!

Painted in the centers.

Worked on the negative painting again and continued refining the flowers

More glazing (painting over to deepen color) and detail work.

In the end, I used yellow and green watercolor pencils to give some texture and deepen the lines.

Let me know what you think!  Painting is so relaxing and fun.

I hope you give it a try!