This is my daughter with her little girl a few days after her stay at the hospital, delivering her second daughter.  Her little toddler really needed this special time with her Mom, after being separated and having to share her attention with a new baby all of a sudden.

I used a different method this time in this watercolor painting.  I only used 3 colors! Yes, that’s all!  I had seen demos of this done and the results were all so pretty.  Believe me, I was really temped to introduce other colors, but resisted and continued working with these three.  I really like the ending result!  Do you?

The colors I used were Winsor Yellow, Rose Madder Genuine and Antwerp Blue,  Basically, you choose 3 colors that are equally separated on the color wheel.  Test them on a scrap paper first, to make sure you like the colors as they blend with each other..

Here is the progression of this painting:


Sketched and painted in white mask the areas I wanted to remain white.

Worked on the sky – wet on wet

Worked on the foreground- the ocean, sand, dunes and grass

Painted in the figures. I thought I was done. But after studying it for a day, I felt it needed more…


Fixed and added shadows and highlights and more details.

I’m really happy with the results!  Hope you give it a try, too!