Three toddler tees, embellished with buttons and ribbons

I was organizing my sewing basket the other day and began collecting all the random buttons into a clear zip lock bag.  By the time I finished, I had almost a bag full!  Most of these were the extra button you always get when you buy clothes that use buttons -blouses for me.  Since I had so many different kinds, I decided to use them to embellish 2 of these tee shirts for my granddaughter.  On the white one ,I just made a simple design with ribbon and embroidered daisies I had among my stash of notions. I  hope you like these designs and try them out for yourself, if you also have a bag full of buttons!  (Note: Double stitch and knot each one if you are using it for a child’s tee. You don’t want them to come off!)

Made a bow with ribbon and sewed the button on top.

Found this little embroidered rose in my basket. Used little buttons that color matched.

White tee with black and white gingham ribbon and white and red daisies.