I painted this picture of my granddaughter’s first step into an unknown world,… the ocean! It was a beautiful sunny day, the ocean was very calm and the tide was low:  A perfect scenario for a little toddler’s first beach experience.

Oil on Canvas painting of my granddaughter stepping into the ocean.

I used the compositional rule of thirds to compose this painting.  The rule of thirds dictates that you divide your frame/canvas into 9 equal parts – horizontally, two lines, making 3 equal parts and then vertically, making 3 equal parts, like a tic-tac-toe grid.  Then, you a line your main subject, or focal point of interest on one of the intersecting points on the grid.  In this case, the little girl, my focal point, is a lined at the lower right point and line.  This gives your picture more interest.  Remember to never a line your main subject in the dead  center of the picture. Keep this in mind with your photographs as the same rule applies!  Have fun and keep practicing this rule!