While attending my niece’s wedding recently, I looked for special artistic pictures to take, while all the focus was on the bride and groom.  Here are my favorites:

Bridal Bouquet with centerpiece from reception

My mother-in-law and my niece and I made all the flower bouquets the afternoon before.  We had a great time putting them together.  The centerpieces for reception included these simple but pretty water-filled glass bowls with floating flowers.

This was a cute idea: Little Tea Cups filled with candy and a picture of the bride and groom- Used for centerpieces and for wedding favors.

Bridesmaid Bouquets

As the work crew began to clean up afterwards, they put all the centerpieces on a table.  I loved how the light was bouncing around all the glass and water.

Next time you are at a wedding, look for those special photographic happenings.  You will be surprised at how many there are!