Assaulted with all the turmoil and unrest broadcasted in the news lately, I escaped into a quiet place while painting this peaceful scene of a little boy ( I picture my son when he was little.) and my dog, Sammy.  I used a photograph that I took a couple years ago of a place along the New River in Fort Lauderdale, across a marina there.  I loved the large graceful coconut trees in the picture.

The paper is 22″ x 30″ cold press Arches natural white paper.  Here is the progression of this painting:

First I sketched in the main lines and then painted on white mask (liquid frisket) on the areas I wanted to maintain white and light.

Worked on the background.

After wetting the paper, I used olive green with various other colors to get the lights and darks.

Then I painted in the bottom (river).

Rubbed off the mask from the dock and trees and then applied it again to the highlighted areas. Then worked on sharpening and details.

Here is where it took some time to paint in the negative areas – the darks.  I painted in the dock using burnt umber with other colors for darks and lights. The little boy was fun as he was created from a fun memory of a trip to the keys with my Mom (Mima), Dad (Papo) and the kids, fishing the old-fashioned way – with just a spool of nylon string and a hook with bait.  Papo was the only one who caught anything!  But, it was fun all the same.

The finished painting.

At the end, I removed the remaining mask and then sharpened those areas.  Then I used watercolor pencils for added highlights.

I loved my escape to old Florida and this quite place.   I’m taken there each time I look at the finished painting.  I hope this post was able to take you there as well for a little while!