I don’t know about you, but every time I buy a new white blouse, it doesn’t last very long.  It always gets a stain on it.  So, I decided to try something out.  I had a bag of fabric paint in my artsy closet and a couple of pictures of flowers from my back yard.  I thought… let me try to paint a floral on the shirt.  It couldn’t hurt!  I used a paint brush at first and let it dry.  I did put some water – next time I won’t use so much as the colors did diffuse into one another – like a watercolor painting.

This painting is of some cute purple lillies that pop up throughout spring and summer.

This one is of the pretty Plumerias in my back yard.

Then I put in details using the tubes.  I used black to define it more.  I think it turned out pretty good.  At least I can still wear the shirts for fun, artsy events.

I’m willing to paint something on your stained blouses.  Just email me – Let’s talk!